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Night Life in Chennai

Kommune’s most enthusiastic fella is also our best Bar Manager or as GM Sekar likes to call himself - the Chief Intoxicating Officer. After publishing three research papers and working for start ups as a sales manager, GM Sekar decided to call it quits on his toxic relationship with research and realized it was time to give in to his passion - the fine art of mixing drinks. Mysterious, sophisticated, flirtatious - the cocktail is all these things, a simple mix of ingredients that is greater than the sum of its parts and Aneesh’s cocktails are a testament to the previous statement. Although he’d love to live in a house by the mountains with a German Shepard, Aneesh’s true home lies at the bottom of a dark chocolate ice cream tub. Why dark chocolate you might ask...that's because all other flavours are just conspiracy theories. His weapon of choice is his witty banter and the only cooler fact about our favourite bartender is that he has a dog named Luca. Ex sale men make for good bartenders. We know.

GM Sekar

Bar Manager
Night Life in Chennai

Kommune’s Head Chef Rajesh Kumar is a hardcore Chennai-ite with a proclivity for South Indian fusion food. If that’s the first you’ve heard of it, we understand. We were stumped too, because what else can you do with idli, sambar, chutney, and vada right? But Srini continues to surprise us. His travel itch has taken him to Dubai, Qatar and Singapore, out of which he loves Singapore the most. If he wasn’t a chef, Srini would have been fighting crime - not inspired by Batman of course, but by our country’s police force. Him becoming a Chef was a result of a happy accident that involved his mother nudging him the right direction. We thank you, Srini’s mom. We’re grateful and so are a thousand others who’ve eaten his Kerala mutta roast.

Rajesh Kumar

Head Chef

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